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Imagine a town that is so small that it has only one traffic light! Lynchburg, Tennessee is such a town, but inside its small parameters there are quite a few interesting things to do and see. Ironically, although Lynchburg's most famous attraction is the Jack Daniel's whiskey distillery, the city has been a dry county since the prohibition era. Luckily, the town has found other ways to keep tourists busy, especially if you're in the mood to take it slow. Lynchburg was established in 1872 by settlers from North Carolina in search of new land and new opportunities. Residents still enjoy a simple life, subsisting on farming, especially tobacco and milk production. Since its establishment, the Moore County Courthouse was always and still is the center of activity.

Lynchburg features several attractions worth a visit, including museums and outdoor activities. At the Tennessee Walking Horse Museum, visitors can see the world-famous Tennessee Walking Horse, known for its temperament, elegant manners and smooth walk. Don't miss the Tennessee Walking Horse Show if you're in Lynchburg in July. Visitors fascinated by the history of law enforcement can see the Lynchburg Old Jail Museum, which was built in 1893 and was in use until 1990. Visit Historic Lynchburg Square, featuring the Courthouse built in 1885 by local residents, which even today hosts horse shows and Frontier's Day in June. Several other yearly events include Spring in the Hollow and the Spotted Saddle Horse Show in May; a motorcycle rally in June; the Whiskey Runners Cruisin' the Hollow in October and a Christmas celebration in December.

About a dozen retail shops can be found in Lynchburg, selling items such as hardware, antiques, arts and crafts, pottery, and other gifts and souvenirs. There are a few shops in Historic Lynchburg Square as well, and for some particularly interesting shopping, visit Lost and Found Relics for nostalgic souvenirs and gifts or Nina's for homemade fudge. If the weather is nice, take a trip to nearby Baird Mountain Blueberry Farm for blueberry picking. Once you have visited all of Lynchburg's museums and attractions, there is really nothing to do but take it easy and relax. For lunch, check out Miss Mary Bobo's Boarding House and Restaurant, which has been serving food with hospitality since 1908. At night, the life of the town is found at Bar-B-Que Caboose Café, a fun restaurant decorated with memorabilia where there is live entertainment every Friday night. For a sweet snack with a kick, visit Nina's where they sell cakes and candies also made with Jack Daniel's. Several shops feature the Lynchburg Whiskey Cake as seen on the Food Network, made by local Bill Thomas.

Lynchburg offers only a couple of places to stay overnight, but are cozy, comfortable, and quaint in their own small-town way: The Lynchburg Bed & Breakfast is a small two-story home built in 1877, and the Lynchburg Country Inn is a larger 25-room motel with a pool. The Lynchburg Wilderness RV Park in the hills of Lynchburg is also a pleasant place to visit or stay overnight.

Lynchburg is located in southern central Tennessee, only 27 miles West of I-24.